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Here are a few key fundamentals for those new to fiscal sponsorship and, perhaps, a refresher for more experienced practitioners.

Synopsis: The Basics of Fiscal Sponsorship A summary of the evolution of “fiscal sponsorship” in 246 words by Gregory L. Colvin and Stephanie L. Petit

Fiscal Agency V. Fiscal Sponsorship Why “fiscal agency” sends the wrong message — to the public and the IRS

Summary and Chart of the Models Model progression moves from the project with the least financial independence from the sponsor to the model with the most financial independence

How Should a Model C Project Apply to a Foundation for a Grant Via Its Fiscal Sponsor? Tips for projects and funders about proper documentation

Deciding Whether to Form a New Nonprofit or Use a Fiscal SponsorThe pros and cons of setting up a new tax-exempt entity versus using Model A fiscal sponsorship

Project Intake Checklist At a minimum: What a fiscal sponsor needs to know about an applicant for fiscal sponsorship

Transfers In and Out Guidelines for projects transferring in from another sponsor, leaving to go to another sponsor, or leaving to form its own 501(c)(3)

Fiscal Sponsorship (Model C) Letter to Vendors Letter clarifies sponsor-project relationship regarding payment responsibility

Some services fiscal sponsors provide to their projects

Bill paying
Computer IT
Human resource management
Legal services
Office space
Organizational development
Receiving property and stock donations
Tax reporting