Fiscal Sponsor Directory Looking for a fiscal sponsor? This growing central repository of useful data on practicing sponsors nationwide was created and is maintained by San Francisco Study Center, publisher of Fiscal Sponsorship: 6 Ways To Do It Right. The site also includes a chronology of pertinent legal rulings and important events and developments in fiscal sponsorship, and news from the field.

Fiscal Sponsor Conversations Weekly 1-hour Zoom forum connects fiscal sponsors nationwide and offers practical large-group discussions, small-group breakouts and expert guest speakers. Free, with registration, to all fiscal sponsor practitioners.

Fiscal Sponsor Hub  Online community combines a venue where fiscal sponsors can share topics and questions, general to specific, documents, referrals and other resources. Free and associate memberships available.

National Network of Fiscal Sponsors A professional network of organizations and individuals working in the field that convenes events for sharing peer knowledge, advocates for the field, and develops best- and next-practices to advance fiscal sponsorship for the public benefit.

Foundation Center Online and GuideStar merged in 2019 under Candid, a search engine for finding information about foundations and the grants they make, nonprofit profiles and related topics.

Adler & Colvin blog

Use of Fiscal Agents: A Trap for the Unwary, John A. Edie, Counsel on Foundations, 1989


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